August 19-21 - Co-Located Events
August 21-23 - Conference
Hilton San Diego Bayfront - San Diego, CA
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Wednesday, August 21

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Lightning Talk: Can you Trust that Benchmark? - Agata Gruza, Intel * Indigo D FOSSology: News and Advances from the Project - Michael C. Jaeger, Siemens AG* 402 Crafting Good good-first-issue's - Nisha Kumar, VMware* Aqua Salon AB Going FaaSter: Cost-Performance Optimizations of Serverless on Kubernetes - Soam Vasani, Platform9 Sapphire P Helm 3: Navigating To Distant Shores - Bridget Kromhout & Karen Chu, Microsoft Sapphire L Accepting Compliments and Other Acts of Bravery - Katy Farmer, InfluxData Aqua Salon E Challenges of using Containers to Run Graphical Embedded Systems - Diego Rondini & Nicola La Gloria, Kynetics* Indigo A What's New with U-Boot? - Simon Glass, Google LLC* Indigo E You may be a Linux Kernel Maintainer - and Not Know It! - Frank Rowand, Sony* Indigo BF The Other Unix-like Operating System and Why We Should Work Together - Deb Goodkin, The FreeBSD Foundation* 310 Best Of Breed Tools For Building An Open Source Community - Jono Bacon, Jono Bacon Consulting Aqua Salon F The Problems Emulating a Call via Breakpoint in the Kernel - Steven Rostedt, VMware* Indigo H Lessons Learned from the Migration to Apache Airflow - Radek Maciaszek, Skimlinks* Sapphire H Internet of Things Education Outside the Computer Science Lab - Alexandru Radovici & Alexandru Vochescu, Politehnica University of Bucharest* Indigo CG Broken Fingers: A Deep Dive Into Open Source Fingerprint Authentication and its Security Issues - Seong-Joong Kim, National Security Research Institute* Aqua Salon C Metrics - When One Size Doesn’t Fit All - Carsten Jacobsen, Uber Technologies Inc. & Manrique Lopez, Bitergia* Aqua Salon D Workshop: End-to-end IoT Security Hands-on Workshop with Azure Sphere & Azure IoT Central, sponsored by Microsoft (Pre-registration Required) 204B What is the Cloud? - Ken Archer, Stone Door Group * 411B Teaching Embedded Linux Using File Abstractions - Jason Kridner, Texas Instruments (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) 410 B Install is Complete..What's Next? - Thomas King, Tom King Communications 411 A

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Lightning Talk: Building Diverse Blockchain Communities for a Decentralized Future - Jocelyn Matthews, Storj Labs Aqua Salon E Welcome Back to Dependency Hell - OSS Compliance in the Age of Software Reuse - Nisha Kumar, VMware* 402 Creating a FOSS Study Group at my University - André Almeida, Collabora* Aqua Salon AB Join Our Party: The Cloud Native Adventure Brigade - Bridget Kromhout & Zachary Deptawa, Microsoft Sapphire L Stop Calling Knative Serverless! - Doug Davis, IBM* Sapphire P Adopting Linux on BMW - The Long Road to Integrate Linux as Mainline Platform - Helio Chissini de Castro, BMW Indigo E Cyclic Tests Unleashed: Large-Scale RT Analysis with Jitterdebugger - Wolfgang Mauerer, Siemens AG Indigo BF Open Source Initiatives in Food Traceability Standards Setting - Thomas Burke, Institute of Food Technologists 310 FOSS Events: Get Out There and Run One! - Deb Nicholson, Software Freedom Conservancy Aqua Salon F Getting to Know VDO - Aaren de Jong, Arctiq Inc* Indigo H Monsters, Ghosts, and Bugs: How to Choose a Kernel - Laura Abbott, Red Hat* Indigo D Open Source Tools for ML Experiments Management - Dmitry Petrov & Ruslan Kuprieiev, Iterative AI* Sapphire H AIC: Hosting Multiple Interactive Physical Clients on Single Computing Platform for IOT - Bin Yang, Intel Indigo CG An Agile Approach to Threat Modeling for Securing Open Source Project EdgeX Foundry - Tingyu Zeng, DELL Technologies* Aqua Salon C Shifting Incentives in Open Source Participation - Craig Northway, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.* Aqua Salon D A Few Effective gcc/clang Optimizations for Embedded Systems - Khem Raj, Comcast* Indigo A Getting Started with LXD and System Containers - Stéphane Graber & Christian Brauner, Canonical Ltd.* 411B Introduction to Kernel Modules and Kbuild - John Bonesio, The Linux Foundation (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis)* 410 B What is this Bash Thing Anyway? - Phil Estes, IBM* 411 A

2:30pm PDT

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3:15pm PDT

Open Source License Variations in Linux and Android: Comprehensive Examples and Insights - Peter Shin & David A. Barrett, Canvass Labs* 402 Inner Source Insider's Secret Revealed: How ONAP Open Source Changed Amdocs! - Dr Eyal Felstaine, Amdocs Aqua Salon AB Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Running Kubernetes on Bare-Metal at Scale - Cody Hill, Platform9* Sapphire L Comparison of Current Service Mesh Architectures - Bruce Basil Mathews, Mirantis* Sapphire P Demystifying Linux MIPI DSI Subsystem - Jagan Teki, Amarula Solutions* Indigo BF Migrating to Yocto: A Guide and Lessons Learned - Muhammad Tauqir Ahmad, Cisco Meraki* Indigo A News from the Embedded GFX Space - Robert Foss, Collabora* Indigo E The San Francisco Open Source Voting Project: A Status Report - Tony Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley* 310 Seven Hard Truths About Open Source Community - Karen Chu & Matt Butcher, Microsoft* Aqua Salon F Bug Introducing Patches - Sasha Levin, Microsoft Indigo H How Linux Foundation is Changing the (machine-learning) World! - Dr. Ofer Hermoni, Amdocs* Sapphire H Zephyr on a Hearing Aid - Klaus Petersen & Mark Ruvald, Oticon* Indigo CG Assessing Project Risk Using CHAOSS Metrics - Sean P. Goggins, University of Missouri & Jessica Wilkerson, Linux Foundation Aqua Salon C Navigating the Interface Between Open and Closed Source Software - Craig Peters & Lachlan Evenson, Microsoft* Aqua Salon D Workshop: Hands On FOSSology, SW360 and SPDX - Michael C. Jaeger, FOSSolgy.org / Siemens AG* Indigo D Workshop: Zero-to-Canary With Spinnaker - Nicholas Parks, Kenzan* Aqua Salon E

3:50pm PDT

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4:20pm PDT

Getting a Good Nights Sleep After a Fresh Kubernetes Deployment - Paweł Wieczorek, Samsung R&D Institute Poland* 402 K8s-based API Gateway - Steve Flanders, Omnition* Aqua Salon C Kubernetes Housekeeping - Damini Satya Kammakomati, Salesforce* Sapphire L Service Mush: Debugging Istio Deployments - Sandeep Parikh, Google* Sapphire P Finding the Best Way to Use Linux Kernel - Status Update - Tsugikazu Shibata, NEC* Indigo E Open Source V2X Library - Steve Kwon, Wayties, Inc.* Indigo BF Sweeten your Yocto Build Times with Icecream - Joshua Watt, Garmin International* Indigo A Using Open Source to Build One of the Worlds Largest Interactive Data Visualization Experiences - Supratim Chakraborty, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver* 310 Avoiding the Ivory Tower When Building Platform Teams - Alexander Grigoryan, Walmart Aqua Salon F How Chrome OS Works with Upstream Linux - Douglas Anderson, Google* Indigo H Stream Processing and New Approaches: Edge Processing - Eduardo Silva, Arm / Treasure Data Sapphire H To Boldly go Where Linux Cannot with Zephyr and Eclipse IoT - Frédéric Desbiens, Eclipse Foundation* Indigo CG Your Company Cares About Open Source Sustainability. But Are You Measuring and Encouraging Upstream Contributions? - Danielle Gellis, Indeed* Aqua Salon D Workshop: End-to-end IoT Security Hands-on Workshop with Azure Sphere & Azure IoT Central, sponsored by Microsoft (Pre-registration Required) 204B Building Diverse and Excellent Engineering Teams - Lori Barfield, RaiseMe Aqua Salon AB Cloud, Containerization, Virtualization and SDN Controllers - Jay Shah, Southern Methodist University & Dushyant Dubaria, Amazon Web Services* 411B Debugging and Profiling Linux Applications - Michael Anderson, The PTR Group, LLC (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) 410 B Git - John Bonesio, The Linux Foundation* 411 A

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