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August 21-23 - Conference
Hilton San Diego Bayfront - San Diego, CA
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Thursday, August 22

6:45am PDT

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"The Apache Way" and its Role in Uber's Platform - Felix Cheung, Uber Technologies Inc. Aqua Salon AB Lessons Learned from Upgrading Kubernetes - Aaron Teague, Supergiant* Sapphire L Out of the Box Observability and Tracing in Kubernetes with Kong, Zipkin and Prometheus - Marco Palladino, Kong Inc. Sapphire P Unconscious Bias/Conscious Inclusion - UB Ciminieri, Jobber Group & Mike Hess, Blind Institute of Technology Aqua Salon E Bootstraping a Local KernelCI - Michał Gałka, Collabora* Indigo E IoT and Stream Processing - Eduardo Silva, Arm / Treasure Data Indigo A Academy Software Foundation: Open Source Development in the Motion Picture Industry - David Morin, Academy Software Foundation 310 Becoming the Leader you Need in Open Source - Megan Byrd-Sanicki, Google* Aqua Salon F Understanding and Working with the Cgroups Interface - Michael Anderson, The PTR Group, LLC Indigo D Federated AI in Future Digital Banking - Tianjian Chen, WeBank* Sapphire H Secure IoT Command, Control, and Exfil using Apache NiFi and Apache MiNiFi - Andy LoPresto, Cloudera Indigo CG Open Source in Safety Critical Applications: the Next Frontier - Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation Aqua Salon C Create your own Adventure: Open Source Program Edition - Jeff McAffer, GitHub Aqua Salon D Base Porting of Linux Kernel on RISC V Architecture - G Satish Kumar, Cavium Networks* Indigo BF Workshop: Build Your Custom Vision Model and Deploy it to Vision AI DevKit, sponsored by Microsoft (Pre-registration Required) 204B Customizing Open Source Software Metrics with Augur - Sean P. Goggins, University of Missouri & Matt Germonprez, University of Nebraska 402 Docker First Steps and Discovery - Bruno Cornec, HPE* 411B Introduction to GPIOs and libgpio - Behan Webster, Converse in Code (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) 410 B Introduction to Systemd - Lee Elston, The Linux Foundation* 411 A Understanding, Building and Researching Minimal (and not so minimal) Linux Systems - Ron Munitz, The PSCG* Indigo H

12:05pm PDT

Measuring and Improving the Efficiency of Software Delivery - Jack Humphrey & Siva Dosapati, Indeed* Aqua Salon AB Deploy on Kubernetes for Pennies on a Dollar - Hemani Katyal, VMware* Sapphire L The Importance of Continuous Regression for HW & SW Development: Improving Performance Over the Lifetime of a Product - Travis Lazar, Ampere Computing* Sapphire P Confessions of Unconscious Bias - Learning to Be a Better Male Ally - Guy Martin, Autodesk Aqua Salon E Advantages of Embedded Linux in Industrial Automation and IIoT - Benson Hougland, Opto 22* Indigo A Improving Embedded Systems Boot Time by Hibernation: An Overview on the State of the Art and a Case of Study on i.MX family of Processors - Nicola La Gloria & Laura Nao, Kynetics LLC* Indigo E Tracing Resource-constrained Embedded Systems using eBPF - Ioan-Adrian Ratiu, Collabora* Indigo BF RISC-V - Open and Thriving - Khem Raj, Comcast* 310 Open Source Politics 101 - Andrew Sy Kim, VMware Aqua Salon F MM101: Introduction to Linux Memory Management - Christopher Lameter, Jump Trading LLC* Indigo D Introduction to Using and Use Cases of KubeFlow - Jonathan Gershater, Red Hat & Boris Lublinsky, Lightbend Sapphire H Scaling Multiplayer Game Servers with Kubernetes - Mark Mandel, Google Cloud Platform Aqua Salon C AI on the Edge – Unlocking New Opportunities in IoT - Benjamin Cabé & Pamela Cortez, Microsoft* Indigo CG Smart Enterprises Realize Contributions Sustain Open Source - Nithya Ruff, Comcast & Jeff Borek, IBM Aqua Salon D

12:40pm PDT

2:00pm PDT

2:10pm PDT

Tested for Business: An Open and Transparent Quality Kit - Shelley Lambert, IBM Canada* 402 Demystifying Decentralization for Open Source - Ben Golub, Storj Labs* Aqua Salon AB Fine-grained Authorization in a Containerized World - Ashutosh Narkar, Styra Inc.* Sapphire P Kubernetes on the Edge - Mark Abrams, Rancher Labs* Sapphire L Let's Think Independently Together - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation* Aqua Salon E Aktualizr-lite: Be Secure and Never use /bin/dd Again - Andrew Doan & Ricardo Salveti, Foundries.io* Indigo E Comparison of Open Source Software Home Automation Tools - Leon Anavi, Konsulko Group Indigo A CHAOSS: Making Open Source Project Health Transparent and Actionable - Matt Germonprez, University of Nebraska - Omaha & Sean Goggins, University of Missouri* 310 Navigating Open Source Governance - Eric Tice, Wipro Limited* Aqua Salon F Panfrost: Open Source Meets Arm Mali GPUs - Robert Foss, Collabora* Indigo H Rapid Developing and Testing Linux Kernel in Docker Containers - Leon Romanovsky, Mellanox* Indigo D Mindmeld: An Open-source, Deep-domain Conversational AI Toolkit to Build Advanced Enterprise Conversational Assistants - Vijay T Ramakrishnan, Cisco Sapphire H Overview of the Open Source Livestreaming Ecosystem - Spencer Krum, IBM Aqua Salon D The 7 (Unhealthy) Habits of Highly Effective IoT Marketing - Kathy Giori, Mozilla* Indigo CG The Road to Safety Certification: How the Xen Project is Making Progress within the Auto Industry and Beyond - Lars Kurth, Citrix* Aqua Salon C Workshop: Build Your Custom Vision Model and Deploy it to Vision AI DevKit, sponsored by Microsoft (Pre-registration Required) 204B Learn Kubernetes: Create a Kube From Scratch - Clarke Vennerbeck & Eldridge Henley, Supergiant* 411B Introduction to the LED subsystem - Michael Welling, QWERTY Embedded Design, LLC (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis)* 410 B Sensors and PWM Control from Linux - Michael Anderson, The PTR Group, LLC Indigo BF Networking: Connecting to the World - Tim Serewicz, The Linux Foundation* 411 A

2:20pm PDT

3:00pm PDT

3:35pm PDT

3:50pm PDT

4:05pm PDT

Panel Discussion: Content is Queen. Maximize Open Source Project Engagement with the Right Content, in the Right Place, at the Right Time - Jennifer Lankford, Lankford Communications; Amanda Katona, VMware; Ben... Aqua Salon AB Security in the Cloud - Tim Garlick, The Stone Door Group* 411B IPMI is Dead, Long Live Redfish - Cornec Bruno, HPE* Sapphire P It's Time to Jump on the Secure GitOps Bandwagon - Ricardo Aravena, Rakuten* Sapphire L Preparing a Community Diversity and Inclusion Report with CHAOSS Metrics - Georg Link, CHAOSS & Nicole Huesman, Independent Aqua Salon E Introduction to SPI and SPIdev - Thomas King, Tom King Communications (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) 410 B Designing Hardware-independent Testing Laboratory API - Paweł Wieczorek, Samsung R&D Institute Poland* Indigo E FullMetalUpdate - A Fully Integrated Solution to Update Your IoT Devices - Cedric Vincent, Witekio* Indigo A Toybox vs BusyBox - Rob Landley, hobbyist* Indigo BF Zephyr Project Update: In Products Today, and More on the Way - Marti Bolivar, Nordic Semiconductor & Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation 310 How Companies and Community Can Work Together To Sustain OSS - Nithya Ruff, Comcast & Deb Nicholson, Software Freedom Conservancy Aqua Salon F IPROUTE vs. Net-tools - Lee Elston, The Linux Foundation* 411 A Linux Kernel Memory Subsystem and Facilities: From A Novice Programmer's Perspective - Shyam Saini, Amarula Solutions* Indigo H Maintainable Bash Scripting - Michael Knapp, Capital One* Indigo D Introducing Kubeflow (w. Special Guests Tensorflow and Apache Spark) - Trevor Grant, IBM & Holden Karau, Google Sapphire H Designing Open Source Narrative Driven Interactive Experiences - Melissa Auclaire, Studio Triome* Aqua Salon C Using Yocto to Build an IoT OS Targetting a Crossover SoC - Ryan Fairfax, Microsoft* Indigo CG Workshop: Build Your Custom Vision Model and Deploy it to Vision AI DevKit, sponsored by Microsoft (Pre-registration Required) 204B

4:55pm PDT

6:30pm PDT

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