August 19-21 - Co-Located Events
August 21-23 - Conference
Hilton San Diego Bayfront - San Diego, CA
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Friday, August 23

7:00am PDT

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Upstream First: Open-Source Documentation Best Practices - Robert Kratky, Red Hat* Aqua Salon AB Network Boot in a Zero-Trust Environment - Stephano Cetola, Intel Corporation* Sapphire L Creating a BT PAN/USB RNDIS Router using OpenWrt - Koichi Okamoto & Masayuki Ishikawa, Sony Video & Sound Products Inc* Indigo E Modern USB Gadget with Custom USB Functions & its Integration with systemd - Andrzej Pietrasiewicz, Collabora* Indigo A Funding: Overview of Different Funding Models for Open Source - Timothy Fong, The Linux Foundation Aqua Salon E Pass the Torch Without Dropping the Ball: Lessons in Community Management - Rich Bowen, Red Hat Aqua Salon F Baby Steps to Kernel Hacking - Sayli Yogesh Karnik, Credit Suisse* Indigo D Linux Encryption Performance is Not an Excuse Anymore - Danijel Soldo, IBM R&D Germany* Sapphire P Open and Neutral Edge Computing Architecture on Heterogeneous Devices - Gavin Lu, VMware* Sapphire H The Seven Properties of Highly Secure IoT Devices - Dr. David Tarditi, Microsoft* Indigo CG Keylime, Securing your Slice of the Cloud. - Andrew Toth, Red Hat* Aqua Salon C Creating and Nurturing the Open Source Virtuous Cycle at your Company - Kevin Nelson, UnitedHealth Group* Aqua Salon D Infrastructure and Compliance Testing with InSpec - Ben Bleything, Google 402 Learning Automation Without Barriers Using Antidote and NRE Labs - Matthew Oswalt, Juniper Networks* 411B Introduction to IIO and Input Drivers - Matt Porter, Konsulko Group (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) 410 B Using Serial kdb / kgdb to Debug the Linux Kernel - Douglas Anderson, Google* Indigo BF Introduction to NFtables - Michael Anderson, The PTR Group, LLC 411 A

12:00pm PDT

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2:25pm PDT

Moving Compliance to the Left (Open Source Compliance and Product Planning) - Craig Northway & Mark Matyas, Qualcomm Technologies Inc* 402 How Did Automotive Grade Linux Become THE Open Source Community Cars? - Walt Miner, The Linux Foundation* Aqua Salon AB Automating REST Microservices with Ride - Ted Casey, Adobe, Inc.* Sapphire L Chameleon: Expanding Open-Source Ambari for HPC - Jieun Choi, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information* Sapphire P To Boost Diversity, Focus on Inclusion First - Lauren Maffeo, GetApp, a Gartner company Sapphire D UEFI Secure Boot in U-Boot - Grant Likely, Arm* Indigo A Wear Estimation for Devices with eMMC Flash Memory - Marcel Ziswiler, Toradex AG* Indigo E A Community that Meets Together, Flourishes Together - Michael Jang, ForgeRock* Aqua Salon F Ext4: A Case-insensitive Linux Filesystem - Gabriel Krisman Bertazi, Collabora Indigo D Network Orchestration Using Blockchain - Vinay Chaudhary, NIC Sapphire H Easy as a pi: EdgeX on Raspberry Pi for Automotive IoT - Alexandre Courouble, VMware* Indigo CG Where is my Code Vulnerable: Matching CVEs and Source Code - David A. Barrett & Peter Shin, Canvass Labs* Aqua Salon C Starting and Scaling an Open Source Office: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Thomas Steenbergen, HERE Technologies* Aqua Salon D Office Hours: Dan Kohn, Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation Sapphire West Foyer Office Hours: Michael Knapp, Senior Software Engineer, Capital One Sapphire West Foyer Serverless and Other Emerging Tech - Mike McDonough, Stone Door Group* 411B Connecting to the Internet MQTT and Putting the I in IoT - John Hawley, VMware (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) 410 B Deploy your First DApp and Solidity Smart Contracts to Hyperledger Fabric - Swetha Repakula & Morgan Bauer, IBM* Aqua Salon E See What Your Computer is Doing with Ftrace Utilities - Steven Rostedt, VMware* 411 A

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