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Wednesday, August 21


Metrics - When One Size Doesn’t Fit All - Carsten Jacobsen, Uber Technologies Inc. & Manrique Lopez, Bitergia*
There are different ways to assess an open source project’s success, but measurable metrics (like pull requests and contributions) typically play some role. One of the challenges Uber has faced involves maintaining many open source projects of different sizes and maturity levels. It’s not possible to create one universal metrics baseline for all projects and gauge individual project metrics against it. In this presentation, Carsten Jacobsen, Open Source Developer Advocate at Uber, and Manrique Lopez, CEO at Bitergia, talk about how different metrics are captured and evaluated for different open source projects at Uber, and how domain knowledge and analytics expertise, when working together, play a key role in providing insights in a compelling way.

avatar for Manrique Lopez

Manrique Lopez

Bitergia, CEO, Bitergia
Manrique is the CEO and shareholder in Bitergia and a free, libre, open source software development communities passionate. He is a graduate Industrial Engineer with research and development experience from the Technological Center for Computer Science and Communications of the Principality... Read More →
avatar for Carsten Jacobsen

Carsten Jacobsen

Open Source Developer Advocate, Uber Technologies, Inc.
Carsten Jacobsen is Uber's Open Source Developer Advocate. He has a background as a software engineer, and has worked as a Developer Evangelist/Advocate the past 2 years. He is passioned about the developer journey, and using metrics to measuring the success of developer relations... Read More →

Wednesday August 21, 2019 11:30am - 12:05pm
Aqua Salon D


The Developer Goodie Bag - Carsten Jacobsen, Uber Technologies Inc.*
When you open source a project, you may have multiple objectives. Ultimately, driving adoption will help achieve those objectives. Without adoption, many other objectives, like getting community contributions, may not happen to the extent you strive for.

At Uber, we recognize the correlation between adoption and achieving our objectives, and have initiated a project which focuses on identifying and removing adoption blockers. We look at the resources we provide developers who want to try out a project.

Think of it as a developer goodie bag. We want to fill the bag with a lot of goodies, including documentation, getting started guides, tutorials, sample code, and other relevant resources. We want to include everything you need to have a great and worry-free first experience with the project.

In this presentation, Carsten Jacobsen, Open Source Developer Advocate at Uber, talks about how we have approached this challenge, and shares what we have learned so far from this initiative.

avatar for Carsten Jacobsen

Carsten Jacobsen

Open Source Developer Advocate, Uber Technologies, Inc.
Carsten Jacobsen is Uber's Open Source Developer Advocate. He has a background as a software engineer, and has worked as a Developer Evangelist/Advocate the past 2 years. He is passioned about the developer journey, and using metrics to measuring the success of developer relations... Read More →

Wednesday August 21, 2019 12:20pm - 12:55pm
Aqua Salon D
  • Session Slides Included Yes


Shifting Incentives in Open Source Participation - Craig Northway, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.*
Much as Open Source has changed industries, industry has also changed Open Source. We should expect Open Source to continue to evolve as other technologies and segments embrace and participate in Open Source. Its evolution will in part be driven by the incentives that exist for organisations to participate.

This presentation discusses how changing technologies can modify the incentives for organisations to participate in Open Source. For example, how platforms as a service has changed participation models in these service technologies.

We will also hypothesize on how the Open Source community can ensure incentives exist to enable broad sustainable participation in 3 technology areas of future importance: Machine Learning, Standards and Open Hardware.

avatar for Craig Northway

Craig Northway

Director, Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc
Craig Northway is a Director Engineering in Corporate Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies Inc. (QTI), a subsidiary of Qualcomm, Inc. Craig manages the Qualcomm Open Source Technology Group, a group formed to improve process, policy and tooling around Open Source software at Qualcomm... Read More →

Wednesday August 21, 2019 2:25pm - 3:00pm
Aqua Salon D
  • Session Slides Included Yes


Navigating the Interface Between Open and Closed Source Software - Craig Peters & Lachlan Evenson, Microsoft*
Organizations of all shapes and sizes face pressure to increase the pace at which they work, and open source software contributes to acceleration. Yet a huge proportion of the systems used in most industries are still based upon closed source. In this session you’ll learn from Craig and Lachlan who are responsible for bridging this gap at Microsoft using two concrete examples - Windows Server containers in Kubernetes and Azure Policy + gatekeeper – to explore questions such as:

How can open source community philosophies be followed while working with closed source?

Are the APIs of closed-source sufficiently available and documented for integration?

How do consumers assure that their investment in a mixed system is safe?

How do the business models assure that the integrations will be supported and stable?

After this session you’ll have a better grasp of how to expand your project through interfacing with closed source software while mitigating the associated risks.

avatar for Lachlan Evenson

Lachlan Evenson

Principal Program Manager - Azure Container Compute, Microsoft
Lachlan is a Principal Program Manager on the Container Compute team at Azure. He has spent the last few years working with Kubernetes and enabling Cloud Native journeys. Lachie serves as a Cloud Native ambassador and TOC contributor, and has deep operational knowledge of many Cloud... Read More →
avatar for Craig Peters

Craig Peters

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Craig is a Principal Program Manager on the Container Compute team at Azure focused on container infrastructure projects. Craig is active in many Kubernetes Special Interest Groups and contributing to Windows nodes in Kubernetes. He is a technology generalist interested in making... Read More →

Wednesday August 21, 2019 3:15pm - 3:50pm
Aqua Salon D
  • Session Slides Included Yes


Your Company Cares About Open Source Sustainability. But Are You Measuring and Encouraging Upstream Contributions? - Danielle Gellis, Indeed*
You will encourage the behavior that you measure. If you want your company to be involved in sustaining open source projects you depend on, you need to start by measuring how your employees are participating in those projects.

How many of your engineers are contributing to projects your company consumes? Are they only opening issues, or are they contributing code? Are they part of the conversation? Are your non-engineers also involved in the open source community?

In this talk, Dani will demonstrate how Indeed uses open source tools to measure the velocity of open source contributions made by employees, and how they decided on those tools. She will also talk about some exciting initiatives they are running to promote sustainable contributions, show the dashboards they built for contributors, and talk about the effects.

You will leave with a better understanding of how your company can measure and improve the velocity of contributions to the open source projects on which you depend.


Danielle Gellis

Software Engineer, Open Source Team, Indeed
As a Software Engineer for Indeed's open source team, Dani builds tools to help people contribute back to the open source projects they use. She recently released indeedeng/starfish to help companies run their own FOSS Contributor Funds. Before learning to code, Dani worked at non-profits... Read More →

Wednesday August 21, 2019 4:20pm - 4:55pm
Aqua Salon D
  • Session Slides Included Yes


Open Source Collaboration and Companies: Finding the Right Balance - Dawn M. Foster, Pivotal*
Collaboration within open source projects is becoming increasingly important for companies, but it can be difficult to strike the right balance between the needs of the company and the open source project. This can create friction and put significant pressure on employees who participate on behalf of their company when the needs of the individual, the company, and the community are not aligned. This talk will focus on ways to create this alignment between individuals, companies, and the community to help all of us be successful together.

The talk covers:
* Dynamics of collaboration in open source projects between individuals, companies, and communities.
* Strategies for participating in ways that will benefit your company, your employees, and the community.
* Tips for being a good corporate citizen as you contribute to open source projects.

This presentation is primarily for open source program offices, but community managers and other OSS contributors would also benefit.

avatar for Dawn Foster

Dawn Foster

OSS Strategist, Pivotal / VMware
Dawn is an open source strategist at Pivotal, now part of VMware. She has more than 20 years of experience at companies like Puppet, Intel, Jive Software, and others. She has expertise in community building, open source software, metrics, and more. Dawn is on the Governing Board of... Read More →

Wednesday August 21, 2019 5:10pm - 5:45pm
Aqua Salon D
  • Session Slides Included Yes
Thursday, August 22


Create your own Adventure: Open Source Program Edition - Jeff McAffer, GitHub
Organizational open source is full of powerful potential and existential dangers. Plotting a path through the landscape is often as challenging as creating the software systems themselves. Like any adventure, there are levels of experience and sophistication, physics of how things work, actions and reactions, and a plot. In this talk we look at how you can build an open source adventure for your organization that is structured and intentional. Jeff presents an open source engagement model that covers the spectrum from fear of the unknown to mastery of the art and science, and a set of actions and activities you can use to develop your story. Attendees are encouraged to add their own twists, characters, and events to create their own storyline. In the end, you should have a great story and a solid basis for evolving your organization’s open source program.

avatar for Jeff McAffer

Jeff McAffer

Senior Director of Product, GitHub
I love open source and love bringing more open source to more people and teams. My current role at GitHub fits that perfectly – enabling organizations to engage with open source @ scale. Whether it’s understanding communities and business models, or open source governance and... Read More →

Thursday August 22, 2019 11:15am - 11:50am
Aqua Salon D


Smart Enterprises Realize Contributions Sustain Open Source - Nithya Ruff, Comcast & Jeff Borek, IBM
Open source has been a thing for over two decades now, and it's survived a number of growing pains and transitions. It began with individual programmers, who were looking greater freedom and flexibility in lieu of the emerging software industry. Over time major IT vendor companies (IBM, Oracle, others) and then the hyper-scale platform companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) joined in. Most recently, enterprise companies have started to 're-think' their relationship to OS software and are leaning in smartly. Join this session to learn more about the "Fourth Wave" of OS evolution, the arrival of 'Open Data Sets' and the CDLA, and what's driving leading companies like Capital One, WalMart, and Comcast to not just consume - but actively contribute to and participate in OS. The only way to sustain Open Source is through active contributions.

avatar for Nithya Ruff

Nithya Ruff

Board Chair, Linux Foundation, Comcast
Nithya Ruff is a well-known and well-regarded leader in Open Source. As the Head of Comcast’s Open Source Practice, she is responsible for growing Open Source culture inside of Comcast and engagement with external communities. She is a passionate advocate for opening doors to new... Read More →
avatar for Jeffrey Borek

Jeffrey Borek

WW Program Director, IBM
Jeffrey Borek is a senior technology and communications professional with over twenty years of leadership and technical experience in the Software, Telecommunications, and Information Technology industries. He is currently the leader of the OSPO at IBM, and works in the Open Technologies... Read More →

Thursday August 22, 2019 12:05pm - 12:40pm
Aqua Salon D


Open Source Citizenship - Josh Simmons, Salesforce/Open Source Initiative & Cat Allman, Google*
We all rely on open source software and, as our reliance grows, so do our policies for managing compliance and programs for cultivating mutually supportive relationships with the communities behind the software.

In this session, attendees will be given a thorough accounting of:
* what companies are doing to support open source communities,
* what kind of support open source communities are actually asking for,
* and the gaps that remain.

Based on discussions with industry and community leadership, we'll establish a current and sweeping perspective on corporate open source engagement.

By understanding the state of the art, and knowing what needs remain unmet, we can help our companies be even more effective in supporting healthy communities. And not just because it's the right thing to do...

After all, healthy communities translate into greater productivity, innovation, and stability, and better security!

avatar for Josh Simmons

Josh Simmons

Open Source Strategist, Salesforce
Josh Simmons is a community strategist, open source advocate, and dusty foot philosopher. He is a Senior Open Source Strategist at Salesforce and serves as Vice President of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Previously an Open Source Program Manager at Google and Community Manager... Read More →
avatar for Cat Allman

Cat Allman

Program Manager, Google Open Source
Working with FOSS communities since the 1980's, I've spoken at events including the first http://makerstown.eu/ with members of the EU Parliament, LinuxConfAU, FOSS Oman, GoOpen Arctic Forum, SIGCSE, OSCON, USENIX Women in Advanced Computing Summit, given keynotes at UCSC CROSS, FOSSASIA... Read More →

Thursday August 22, 2019 3:00pm - 3:35pm
Aqua Salon D
  • Session Slides Included Yes


BoF: CHAOSS Value Metrics for Open Source Project Health - Andy Leak, CHAOSS
CHAOSS is a Linux Foundation project aimed at developing metrics, methodologies, and software for expressing open source project health and sustainability. By measuring open source project health and sustainability, CHAOSS seeks to improve the transparency and actionability of open source project health and sustainability so that relevant stakeholders can make more informed decisions about open source project engagement. In 2019, CHAOSS launched a Value Metrics Working Group. The birds-of-a-feather session is for current and future OSPO executive sponsors, open source program managers, open source maintainers, and open source contributors. In this session, you will learn about our first survey of value-oriented issues related to open source project health, see what companies are doing currently, and hear about industry trends. In this session we will make time for introductions and provide opportunities for community collaboration and networking.

avatar for Matt Germonprez

Matt Germonprez

Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Matt Germonprez is the Mutual of Omaha Professor of Information Systems in the College of Information Science & Technology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He uses qualitative field-studies to research corporate engagement with open communities and the dynamics of design in... Read More →
avatar for Georg Link

Georg Link

Director of Sales, Bitergia
Georg Link is an Open Source Strategist. Georg’s mission in life is to make open source more professional in its use of community metrics and analytics. Georg co-founded the Linux Foundation CHAOSS Project to advance analytics and metrics for open source project health. Georg has... Read More →

Sean Goggins

Associate Professor, University of Missouri
Sean is an open source software researcher and a founding member of the Linux Foundation’s working group on community health analytics for open source software CHAOSS, co-lead of the CHAOSS metrics software working group and leader of the open source metrics tool AUGUR which can... Read More →
avatar for Andy Leak

Andy Leak

Value Group Maintainer, CHAOSS
Software veteran with experience in many roles in startups and large enterprise. Open source projects include CHAOSS, Bugmark, Org2 and others. Speaking experience at company events, Mozilla Mozfest and various Bay Area tech meetups.

Thursday August 22, 2019 4:55pm - 5:30pm
Aqua Salon D
Friday, August 23


Creating and Nurturing the Open Source Virtuous Cycle at your Company - Kevin Nelson, UnitedHealth Group*
Creating and nurturing an Open Source Virtuous Cycle inside a large complex corporation is all about understanding the cycle never ends, and the company only truly wins when all parties to the cycle succeed. Organizations typically have open source strategies which revolve around cost reduction, managing technical debt and increasing speed to market. The natural evolution of such efforts begins with streamlining open source consumption practices, but value realized can quickly plateau if the company does not quickly learn to support its engineering team with a complementary robust contribution path. Contribution efforts soon turn to open source community involvement and sponsorship which completes the cycle leading back to consumption of strategic projects. Kevin will walk attendees through the UHG Open Source Story and how the virtuous cycle has begun to play a key role in engineering success for a Fortune 5 company with a technology team over 28K members strong.

avatar for Kevin Nelson

Kevin Nelson

Sr. Director Open Source Program Office, UnitedHealth Group/Optum
Kevin is a TN licensed attorney who has spent the last ten years introducing and evolving open source policy and governance process at UnitedHealth Group. 2019 is a year for intense focus on reducing developer friction through open source consumption and contribution automation projects... Read More →

Friday August 23, 2019 11:30am - 12:05pm
Aqua Salon D
  • Session Slides Included Yes


Case Study: When the Open Source Program Office is Responsible for Innovation - Mark Gisi, Wind River
The Open Source Program Office is responsible for several mission critical tasks including managing: open source strategy, policy, open source in products, community contributions and engagements, attracting talent, and cross group collaboration.

Our program office was also tasked with “fostering grassroots innovation” by leveraging open source principles. Although our company staffs a formal research team, we wanted to obtain an additional boost by embracing the “scratch and itch” principle to empower employees at ALL levels. The value creation and cultural impact has been fantastic – creating new product features, new offerings, customer demos, improved processes, and compelling tradeshow presentations. We present the playbook and software tools developed to support this mission, and share several success stories (some of which you might find surprising).

avatar for Mark Gisi

Mark Gisi

Director, Open Source, Wind River
Mark Gisi, Director of Open Source Programs at Wind River Systems, is manager of the open source program office responsible for open source adoption; risk mitigation; community engagement and innovation acceleration. Mark is also a lead contributor to the Hyperledger Software Parts... Read More →

Friday August 23, 2019 12:20pm - 12:55pm
Aqua Salon D


Starting and Scaling an Open Source Office: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Thomas Steenbergen, HERE Technologies*
In this talk we present the challenging journey of the conception and growth of the Open Source Office at HERE Technologies from its start in 2016 till the present day.

New ways of software development are of great benefit to a company, enabling it to work smarter - delivering more code, more quickly to more people with roughly the same amount of people - all of which can have a positive impact on it’s bottom line. However, it’s also a very complex puzzle that can lead to big risks if you don’t have the right set up to support OSS reviews and contributions to the community.

In this talk, you will learn from our experience in setting up an OSS office within the company grass route up with a small team and limited budget. We will talk about how to get organizational buy-ins, and some of the steps that we could have done better/smarter.

avatar for Thomas Steenbergen

Thomas Steenbergen

Head of Open Source, HERE Technologies
Thomas Steenbergen is the Head of Open Source at HERE Technologies (www.here.com). HERE is the open location platform company, which enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. He has been an active contributor to the SPDX specification since 2015, helping... Read More →

Friday August 23, 2019 2:25pm - 3:00pm
Aqua Salon D
  • Session Slides Included Yes


The Virtual Program Office - How Cross-company Collaboration is Working in Asia - Shane Coughlan, Linux Foundation
Over 40 companies in Japan are sharing knowledge on open source business workflows, software bill of materials, automation and supplier education. The mental model being applied is the same as with open source code: platform knowledge is essential to each company but it is not a product itself. This awareness, and the subsequent sharing of extensive material, is transforming the local landscape. This talk will explore how this came about, how it works in practice, and how it can be pitched or applied in companies globally. It will finish by highlighting some of the new material being made available in English by the Japanese community and introducing the new work groups forming in Korea and China.

avatar for Shane Coughlan

Shane Coughlan

OpenChain General Manager, Linux Foundation
Shane Coughlan is an expert in communication, security and business development. His professional accomplishments include spearheading the licensing team that elevated Open Invention Network into the largest patent non-aggression community in history, establishing the leading professional... Read More →

Friday August 23, 2019 3:15pm - 3:50pm
Aqua Salon D